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Once again the audience at the GOP debate stole the show from the attending Presidential candidates. Admittedly, the crowd’s actions in this debate were not as inflammatory as the time they cheered the suggestion that unemployed people have only themselves to blame; or the time they were outwardly vocal about allowing a young uninsured man who was in a life threatening accident to be left for dead; or the time they lamented a homosexual soldier for asking a question regarding the protection of his civil rights.

Regardless, what transpired last night surely trumps all past reactions from the GOP debate crowd. Where the following outburst lacks in brutality, it compensates for in embarrassing irony. This moment, sure to further perplex non-believers, arose when Congressman Ron Paul was speaking about the overuse of US troops abroad.

As supporting evidence for his argument to lessen the degree to which the US meddles in other countries affairs, the Congressman cited the Golden Rule, found in the Gospel of Matthew (7:12). And Jesus said, “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.” The South Carolina crowd, whose state population is largely Christian, did not find these words very inspiring. Less than half way through his sentence the lone disciple Paul was booed with the loudest jeers since a moderator mentioned the word “Mexican” (only minutes before).

So, as if void of any sense of irony, the debate raged on without any comment or reflection from the other candidates, despite four of the five being outspoken Christians. Had Jesus Christ attended the GOP debate last night, he surely would have been hesitant to preach his message of charity when the candidates discussed food stamps, forgiveness when they discussed America’s enemies, and non-violence when they discussed US foreign policy.

After the debate Jesus likely would have refrained from engaging in discussion with fellow audience members. He, along with Congressman Paul, were clearly in the minority and at all costs would have avoided casting the first stone to ensure a safe escape from the premises.

Article published by on 1/17/2012

By Brian T. Murphy

GOP Crowd Boos Teachings of Jesus in SC Debate

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